The Spy Who Loved Me

"Not only Roger Moore's best, but one of the few Bond films that can stand apart from the series as a superb action movie." - Northwest Herald

Nobody does it better! Get ready to dive into the action with THE SPY WHO LOVED ME. This 1977 James Bond classic sees Roger Moore in action as 007, teaming up with the Soviet Agent XXX, played by the stunning Barbara Bach. Together, they must take down the evil Karl Stromberg and his henchman Jaws, who plan to start a nuclear war and create a new underwater civilization.

Featuring awesome stunts, exotic locales, and a classic theme song by Carly Simon, this movie remains a fan favourite to this day. As Time Out London wrote, "The Spy Who Loved Me is probably the most over-the-top Bond yet, but Moore carries it off with style."

"Roger Moore is at his best here -- relaxed, suave, almost droll." - Pauline Kale, The New Yorker

"From the adrenaline-inducing pre-credits ski chase to the gun battle as the crew of two submarines attempt to take a hollowed-out supertanker from an army of bad guys, the action sequences soar." - Empire



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