Hit the image above to take part in the biggest movie poster auction, ever. In support of our sister cinema in KW, the Princess Cinemas, celebrating 36 years of indie cinema! It's a big fundrasier, hit the image and take part! 

Until further notice, the Playhouse will be temporarily closed in accordance with  public health measure, Lockdown - Grey.

With the province's recent 'Stay at Home' order, all weekend popcorn pick-ups have been post-poned. We know you like your cinema treats, and it does us a lot of good to see your familiar faces at least once a week, but we feel being open would go against the intended result of this further restriction.

In the meantime, consider visiting our 2nd favourite cinema's fundraiser poster auction. The Princess Cinema is auctioning off their extremely rare collection of over 5,000 movie posters, spanning 35 years! You won't believe what we've got...

If all goes to plan, we will see you again for popcorn pick-ups in Mid-February.

Until then, take care, be safe, and by George let this all be behind us!

- The folks at your local 'Nabe'.

Playing today:
Monday, January 25th, 2021

No showings today. Check back soon.

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