David Lynch's breakthrough film that became an instant cult-classic

“When David Lynch's Eraserhead was released in 1977, another of the '70s 'midnight movies' that won fanatical repeat audiences, it still stood apart. It had a mesmerizing look and soundtrack, bizarre images that rattled, upset and fascinated audiences. And still do.

“Eraserhead was one of a kind: from its dysfunctional hero-introverted Henry Spencer with his upswept Bride of Elvis/Frankenstein hairdo and his skittish girlfriend, Mary X, to its stunningly weird visual style, to its wildly askew take on '70s America.

“Shot in L.A., but set in a German Expressionist version of Philadelphia, Eraserhead becomes a strange reverse-erotic poem. It focuses on sexual fear, nightmare, disgust and revulsion.

“What makes Eraserhead great-and still, perhaps the best of all Lynch's films? Intensity. Nightmare clarity. And perhaps also it's the single-mindedness of its vision; Lynch's complete control over this material,  he served as director, producer, writer, editor, and sound designer. Perhaps also, it's because Eraserhead is in black and white: a voluptuously bleak, beautifully grim and eerie monochrome reeking of German expressionism and all its film noir/horror movie progeny.” - Chicago Tribune


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