ENCORE! Cade: The Tortured Crossing

We are excited to welcome a new cinematic voice to our screens - the incredible Neil Breen! His latest film just debuted at the London's Sci-Fi Festival in April 2023.


Neil Breen stars in his latest production, a story of two identical twin brothers who are the subjects of an AI experiment, giving them superpowers.

They are mysteriously associated with a former mental asylum. One brother grows in a direction causing agony and heartbreak to all whilst the other grows in a heroic direction, saving and protecting the patients. If ever you need proof of the dangers of AI, come see Neil's film which seeks out courage and justice in humanity.

"It all comes with the dissociative, dislocating feel of a drawn-out dream, or perhaps of a parable of the endless, interdimensional conflict between good and evil." - SciFi Now


No screenings currently scheduled.

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