Blade Runner - The FINAL CUT

“Ridley Scott's Blade Runner has seen five major iterations, from a 1982 work print used for test screenings through a 2007 cut released to theaters as "The Final Cut."

“In each, Harrison Ford plays a retired hunter of rogue replicants, humanoid robots used on Earth's off-world colonies and prone to rebel against their programming in their attempts to emulate their creators. As consumer products, it's surprising they've remained on the market, but as walking challenges to how we define our own humanity, they're incredibly efficient. Ford inhabits a dystopian Los Angeles where black skies always drip with rain, neon advertisements constantly promise that happiness remains just one Cuisinart purchase away, and a privileged few make choices for the many, almost as if they were programming machines. That world remains Blade Runner's most stunning achievement. Bathed in Vangelis' synth-noir score, its dark future of overcrowded streets, ecological failure, and corporate domination looks hellish but familiar." - A.V. Club

Experience the definitive version of Ridley Scott's neo-noir science-fiction masterpiece in this stunning 4K digital restoration.


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