ADA 2019


"A tour through Winogrand's unique sensibility and a changing America, the film charts a career now enshrined in the canon of photography but which was, like most artists' lives, more difficult in the living." - Burnaway

Art, Design, Achitecture. "Thirty years after the Museum of Modern Art’s posthumous 1988 retrospective of the work of photographer Garry Winogrand comes Garry Winogrand: All Things Are Photographable, is a balanced and deeply satisfying documentary assessment of the late photographer’s work.

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"A documentary for people who like Monet, money or both." - London Evening Standard

Art, Design & Architecture. "Rather than lament the pervasive influence of money on contemporary art, The Price of Everything examines the relationship between commerce and aesthetics from different angles.The sale and resale of work by living and recently dead artists is a multibillion-dollar market, which bothers some people more t

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