Princess Mononoke

Studio Ghibli series

“Princess Mononoke boasts many elements of classic animated fantasy - gorgeous drawings, fast action, inventive creatures, a courageous hero, a beautiful, a defiant princess, an ethereal spirit and a monster who'd send Godzilla screaming into the night.

“Princess Mononoke is the story of Ashitaka, a young prince in feudal Japan who, after rescuing his village from a giant, cursed boar, goes on a quest to learn the cause of the animal's curse and to save himself from the same fate. Along the way, Ashitaka gets caught in a struggle between the denizens of Iron Town, a mining and manufacturing outpost dedicated to converting iron ore into weapons of war, and a super-powerful wolf pack determined to save the forest from human destruction.

“Done mostly in the style of hand-painted classic animation, with occasional digital assists, Princess Mononoke is indeed a thing of beauty and imagination. The boar monster, which looks like a lumbering wad of giant worms, and the form-changing spirit of the woods are fantastic inventions.” -  New York Daily News


No screenings currently scheduled.

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