Last Summer

Catherine Breillat's comeback film after a 10-year hiatus.

Anne, a brilliant lawyer, lives in perfect harmony with her husband Pierre and their six and eight-year-old daughters, in a house on the heights of Paris. One day, Theo, 17, Pierre’s son from a previous marriage, moves in with them. Anne is troubled by Theo and gradually engages in a passionate relationship with him, putting her career and family life in danger.

"Last Summer is less compelled by crime and punishment than it is by the soft mysteries that people struggle to solve within themselves. Rationales abound, but answers remain as elusive as the logic of a dream." - IndieWire

"It would be a mistake to think of [Catherine Breillat] as merely a cinematic shock jock, going for effect over substance. Outrage is her weapon. In Last Summer, every shot finds its target." - Deadline

"Breillat’s sharp writing and even sharper camera make for a cinematic challenge, a cinematic gem." - Autostraddle


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