With a bracingly irreverent approach to its story and Emma Mackey bringing Brontë vibrantly to life, Emily is a biopic that manages to feel true while taking entertaining creative liberties.

EMILY imagines Emily Brontë’s own Gothic story that inspired her seminal novel, "Wuthering Heights." Haunted by the death of her mother, Emily struggles within the confines of her family life and yearns for artistic and personal freedom, and so begins a journey to channel her creative potential into one of the greatest novels of all time.

Critics and audiences are raving about EMILY!

"A strikingly current take on Brontë." - Variety

"Emily is a sensitive and passionate portrait of the author. It’s also a confident directorial debut for O’Connor, a veteran actor who starred in Patricia Rozema’s Mansfield Park and the BBC’s Madame Bovary, and in turn makes a period piece stripped of the pageantry and stateliness typical of the genre. Hers is a more kinetic film, opting for handheld camera work and editing that follows the rhythms of Mackey’s ferocious performance closely". - The Guardian 

"Emma Mackey is absolutely transcendent." - Awards Watch

"A sensually imaginative dive into the life of the Wuthering Heights author." - Guardian

"Frances O'Connor's first film feels like the work of an accomplished master." - The Playlist

"A ravishing period drama." - Indiewire

"Moving, sexually charged." - New York Times


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