AC/DC: Let There Be Rock

Two words: Bon Scott. Required viewing for any self-respecting rock fan! 1979 concert film

“AC/DC is known for their working-class sensibility that music should be raucous, enjoyable, and made often. Concerns about originality are at best secondary and academic. This ethic particularly defines the Bon Scott Years—1974-1979, before the band wrote movie soundtracks, made music videos, and became ubiquitous over commercial airwaves.

“Let There Be Rock pays testimony to this period by filming the band’s 1979 Highway to Hell tour, Bon Scott’s last one before he died. Shot by two relative obscure French filmmakers, the film’s austere style translates the AC/DC aesthetic and attitude well. It doesn’t even begin with the band, but shows roadies breaking-down and building the stage. The movie begs to simply be played and enjoyed.” - Pop Matters


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